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We live in a modern era with busy schedules of work in both homes and businesses; where nobody has enough time to spare because TIME IS MONEY. Therefore, saving time means saving money. The usage of machines and home appliances is never too much when it comes to saving your precious time as machines are created to ease our lives; Machines can, therefore, break down or begin malfunctioning by constant use, and this is inevitable. As a result of which, having a professional appliance repair service is so essential that you can rely on it whenever an issue arises.

Xpress Appliances Service and Sales is renowned for its genuine and reliable services and has serviced appliances across Toronto, Ontario.

Why We Do It.

Reason One

A smile across the face of our customers is the key to our success. And success is not just any destination, but a journey which depicts the bond of trust between us and our customers. Building up a trustworthy empire with our customers requires an immense commitment, loyalty, and outstanding service from our side and we are proud to say that we are never less in it. We fix your home appliances with full responsibility and ease out your worries.

Reason Two

Besides repairing appliances, we also provide details before beginning the job and the related conditions that may occur during the process of fixing your appliance. We prefer to provide you the best options as per our expertise.

Reason Three

We provide a quick solution to your concerns. Excellent services are provided on time with a promise of high quality and cost-effective at the same time. Thus, we always ensure to make our customers 100% satisfied regardless of the appliance repair job or services they seek for.


We take care of you and your family. Save time and eliminate worries.

The selection of multiple sizes of fridge with various brands and types are in availability. Our experienced professional team will help you to get your fridge to get fixed just in time. Edibles need to stay cool and fresh too, isn't it?

Need to buy or repair a stove? No problem. You have come to the correct place. We offer repair service in Toronto, Scarborough for both gas and electric stoves with our experts who are ready to get the job done. If you're too picky, still no worries; we have a wide range of products with a variety of brands and specifications.

We provide maintenance, repair and installation services for a variety of washers. Washer malfunctions or breakdowns with any brands or types can be fixed by our professional washer technicians who are experts in the field.

Dryers can be picked in handy, be it either gas or electric; the choice is up to you. And we are here to offer you the best service either to help you choose a new dryer or to get your old malfunctioned or broken dryer fixed in no time.

Dishwashing can be a burden when your dishwasher is messed up with problems. And especially if you're a busy person; be it when you have a deadline in your office or you are a busy mother in your household. But no worries Our professional dishwasher repair team or technician will be at your home in no time and get the problem fixed and if you don't own one yet, then you can buy a new dishwasher in handy.

We offer a wide range home appliances with different brands, types, and sizes with repair and sales services. For additional information please contact us at 416-786-3332.

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If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, our customer service center is working for you 24/7.

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If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, our customer service center is working for you 24/7.

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